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Digital Business Incubation Training and Capacity
Development Hub.



Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development

Small Business Owners Scales-Ups
Unemployed Youth Start-Up
Support for Clustering

Access to Finance 

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Support Program for Access to Continuing Education

Professional Certification
E-Business Development Support
Flexible Opportunities
Project Management Master Class


We Help People Get Jobs.

CV, Jobs and Interview Help
Unemployed Youth Start-Up
Artisans and Craftsmen
Interview Support
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Better SkillS, Better Future

Intensive Professional Training
Dual Mode Learning
Hands -On Practice
Free Vocational Skills Training

Our Programs

Supporting Employment, Skills And Business Development

Bridging Skills Gab

To address skills gab deficiency of carbs member and make them employable, Innovative and competitive as well as mainstreaming graduates into the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF)

Entrepreneurship Development

Providing support for Business Development with Access to Finance in key Enterprise areas for unserved, underserved and martialized youth in Africa.

Business Process Outsourcing Industrial Complex.

Opening up of the Business Process Outsourcing Industrial Complex in Nigeria and ECOWAS sub-
region using our youths' potential after service year as key ambassadors.

Employment Opportunities

Repositioning Graduates as critical National Assets and their enrolment into Sustainable, Demand- driven Skills Bank Volunteer Service for immediate employment/engagement into the Skills Bank Outsource Business Process Management Complex.

Access to Continuing Education/Professional Developments.

Providing opportunity for continuing education and professional development with competitive local and international certificates from Centre for Management Development, Computer Professionals of Nigeria, National Board for Technical Education, CISCO, Oracle, City & Guild