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Our story

Opportunities Hub (OHUB) Digital Business Incubation Training and Capacity Development Hub, Design to facilitate career development for unemployed and underemployed Africa youths through transformational digital creativity and entrepreneurial learning. we’re lunched as opportunities-based platform for profiling opportunities for young africans to ensure everyone has equal access to tech, startup and ventures eco-system in demand technology education, training and careers vetted entrepreneurial support programs and early stage capital and investment opportunities.

We believe that, internet and Digital technologies play a vital role in individual lives and promotes collective development. Since 2014, we have worked in Under-Served communities in Africa, empowering young people with crucial digital innovation and business skills. we are dedicated to bridging the digital knowledge gap by taking digital and innovative opportunities to young people where they are and ensuring their livelihoods are improved. Our Digital inclusion programs include creative skills, ICTs, Financial literacy and Entrepreneurship training for young people living in under-served communities. a digital readiness programs, targeting high potential young Africans.

Our safe spaces

For over 8 years, OHUB has been championing Creativity and Innovation as the two most important skills of the future. since from Inception, it has been the heartbeat of opportunities, our commitment to talent development has enabled our youth to get access to unlimited opportunities including internships with some world’s most famous and innovative global brands like Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Our creative and innovative ecosystem has been recognized with global awards from top business, institutions and organizations from Africa, Asia and Europe. We have been officially recognized as hub of Transformation by Governments and hub of Innovation by UNESCO Institute for Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Youth hub Malaysia named opportunitieshub as the Future for Global Transformation.


Today, OHUB recognized in 190 countries across the world through our web-portal and mobile app, in Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle-east as well as through our website that become one of the most popular opportunities website with over 1 Hundred Million hits in a year, UNIDO and UNESCO Institute for Information and Communication Technologies in Education begins to take interest in our revolutionizing views on supporting young people with life changing opportunities at their fingertips leveraging on technology. Today, thousands of our Soft-skills training and job opportunities beneficiaries are holding key positions in industries, they bridge the digital knowledge gab, providing content that is providing opportunities for new sources of wealth generation and innovative programs.


For communities, OHUB is a campus for content, curriculum, careers; and co-founder and capital resources and opportunities. Aspiring or expert technologists, executives, founders and investors apply for starting complimentary membership to OHUB; and evolve their level of engagement and access as time goes on.

For enterprises, OHUB is a supplier and partner to over 50 tech companies, Fortune 500 corporations, high growth startups, venture funds and growing. We provide authentic diversity, equity & inclusion services and solutions across an organization’s corporate governance, human resources, procurement, product innovation, go to market and social impact.

For International communities, OHUB launches local and regional inclusive innovation hubs and accelerators designed to create and sustain inclusive in demand workforces and entrepreneurial ecosystems in the form of public private partnerships to disrupt income, Shopi SMEs Hub is our first expansion market.

For investors, OHUB is a platform to access under-estimated fund managers, founders and our family of ecosystem builders.

Collaboratively, we persevere to ensure equity in the future of work and 4th industrial revolution for everyone, everywhere.


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