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Student and Alumni Testimonials

Learn how our students and alumni excel with Opportunities Hub Academy.

Student and Alumni Testimonials

Learn how our students and alumni excel with a Limkokwing education.

Sazzy Falak

Diploma in Multimedia, Advertising & Broadcasting

“No matter what you plan to be – whether you want to be a soulful singer who writes her own lyrics, a socialite who graces through the elite circuits of society, or an actor trying to break out of a cycle of constant small roles, you need to plan your image and know how to get around the hoops of the industry. The most important value for a young artiste to have is a sense of commitment.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the courses or programmes that you offer? Which one should I take?

Opportunities Hub Academy (Skills Clinic) through development partners offers programmes in diploma, degree, and postgraduate as well as language courses. Choose the top 3 programmes you are most interested in and we will check your eligibility.

How much are the tuition fees for a Opportunities Hub programme and what are the entry requirements?

Tuition fees and entry requirements vary per programme. We encourage you to log in to our enquiry system to get the specific details to your programme of choice.

When's the next intake? When should I apply?

The next major intake in 01 January 2023 but there are also programme-specific intakes in-between.

Does Opportunities Hub Foundation Known as The Ruma Initiative offer scholarships and financial assistance?

Yes! The Opportunities Hub Enterprise gladly offers scholarships to students who display academic excellence through our GobackToSchool Project or those with a wide range of talents through our Digital Skills Bank Project.

Why should I study at Opportunites Hub Academy (Skills Clinic)?

For many awesome reasons. Opportunities Hub Academy offers industry-focused programmes in an award-winning environment. The Academy is renowned for being an educational hub for creativity and innovation. Best of all, you will collaborate with students from over 150 countries and work on exciting projects in an international scale.

Creativity and Innovation for a Successful Future

Seize the opportunity to launch your career into new global dimensions. Learn to think innovatively and get equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in modern world.