Apply for State Coordinator MMS, Bauchi State At Nutrition International

Apply for State Coordinator MMS, Bauchi State At Nutrition International

Terms of Reference for State Coordinator Maternal MMS, Bauchi (Extender)

1. Identification
Position Title: State Coordinator MMS, Bauchi
Reports to/Position Title: Project and Technical Coordinator
Reports indirectly to/Position Title: Deputy Country Director
Position term: 12 Months
Date revised: 6th September 2023
2. Background:
Anaemia is a severe public health problem in Nigeria with a prevalence of 58% of all WRA and 61% of pregnant women, jumping to as high as nearly 74% of WRA in some states (NDHS 2018).  NDHS2018 also estimates seven percent of all births nationally weighing less than 2500 g, with this figure estimated to rise as high as 34% in some states.   The introduction of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS) and adherence to its recommended intake presents an opportunity to accelerate progress toward national and state health and nutrition goals. The Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) have expressed interest in transitioning to MMS and have requested more implementation evidence in the Nigerian context. A recent analysis led by Nutrition International has shown that MMS is more cost-effective compared to Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) only supplementation in Nigeria.  In 2021 the FMoH, approved the use of MMS during pregnancy through its updated National Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Nigeria (MNDC Guidelines). A key research priority for the FMoH, in line with the WHO recommendation is MMS implementation research to understand the implementation realities of switching from IFA supplements to MMS, including evaluation of acceptability, feasibility, sustainability, equity and cost-effectiveness.    Working with women to identify, map, and come up with solutions to mitigate barriers to daily micronutrient supplement consumption in pregnancy is imperative to closing the adherence gap. A woman-centered approach that uses human-centered design (HCD) with consideration of the importance of gender dynamics and diversity will be the cornerstone of this implementation research project’s approach.    The project aim is to explore how to improve adherence to maternal micronutrient supplementation in Nigeria. Implementation research with an HCD focus will be conducted to identify solutions to optimize adherence and inform sustainable transition and scale up to MMS.  Specifically, this project will aim to achieve the following objectives:  Elevate and advance maternal nutrition by improving adherence to micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy. Generate evidence through implementation research on MMS (to replace IFA) for pregnant women that responds to the needs of the Government of Nigeria and advances the MNDC guidelines. Optimize adherence with an equity lens through employing HCD, co-creation strategies,
adaptative implementation and other innovative approaches. Strengthen maternal programs to prioritize and effectively deliver micronutrient supplements to pregnant women through public health system platforms as part of a women-centered approach that prioritizes quality of care, respect, and dignity and fosters both health and wellbeing and considers the unique needs of pregnant adolescents.  Contribute to national and global knowledge, evidence, and operational guidance on improving micronutrient supplementation adherence.
3. Overall Purpose/Function:
The position will be responsible to ensure effective monitoring and oversight of project activities in the field. The position holder will work closely with the Project and Technical Coordinator to support data collection, participate in project activities, and produce monitoring and impact assessment reports to identify gaps and suggest ways to address them.
4. Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Partnership development:  Work with the Project and Technical Coordinator in preliminary engagement of state government and selection of Project LGAs.  Work with the Project and Technical Coordinator in securing appointments with high level government health stakeholders in the state for proper state entry and sensitization  Follow up on agreed commitments and contributions to the project from state government and the implementing partner  Represent NI at state Nutrition partners’ meeting/State Food Committee on Food and Nutrition meetings and Technical working group meetings in the state     Program planning and management:  Develop a Gannt chart/detailed work plan and track progress monthly  Keep abreast with landscape changes in the state and across select LGAs and communicate important changes to NI Country office in a timely manner  Participate in the inception planning meeting/workshop for project start-up at state level with NI and partners (Implementing and Research partners, LGA, state and federal )  Participate in the M&R workshop for the development of project monitoring and reporting framework and tools to be facilitated by NI M&R team  Work with NI’s Implementing and Research Partners in coordinating program planning with Government partners (SPHCDA, SMOH) and other authorities in the state to ensure timely implementation and deliveries.  Provide technical inputs and facilitate project delivery in collaboration with NI’s Implementation and Research partners and other NI representatives in the state including state government partners-SPHCDA, existing NI extenders and implementing partners  Ensure all NI programs activities at state level and LGA level are safe for children in-line with NI child safeguarding policy    Program Implementation  Provide technical inputs and facilitate Implementation and Research Project delivery in collaboration with NI’s Implementing and Research partners including state government partners-SPHCDA
Develop MMS distribution plan for select LGAs and ensure timely distribution liaising with the state supply chain unit Participate in development and finalization of the IR protocol, including preparation and submission of ethics approval  Support the implementing and Research partners to monitor and track extent of implementation of project plans  Support the State M&E focal person to ensure the data from the select LGAs is properly integrated and included in overall state level data  Participate actively in all project activities to ensure immediate/corrective action for all field challenges during implementation. Work closely with the implementing partner(s) and state nutrition team to coordinate all activities and meetings supported by project and ensure proper documentation including photos and videos  Support the state and organise MMS supply logistic for state level activities.  Provide inputs into development of materials including BCI materials, training manuals, supportive supervision guidelines etc.  Participate in state level training and other capacity development activities.  Liaise with NI Implementing Partner to work with the state and LGAs on BCI demand generation activities  Provide monthly progress reports in-line with agreed deliverables and timelines  Participate in the roll-out of the research phase from start to end ensuring it is closely linked to the project implementation.     d) Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting   Monitor state (IFA stocks) and select LGA (MMS stocks) and liaise with NI’s Implementation Partners and the state to ensure prevention of stock-outs  Track program progress against set deliverables and targets using program monitoring tools  Provide necessary support to program process evaluation , effectiveness evaluation, costeffectiveness, and cost benefit studies;  Support in developing project dissemination tools (reports, case studies, success stories) in coordination with NI Implementation and Research partners.  Provide technical support to the implementing partner in drafting quarterly and annual program reports to be submitted to NI  Support the state M &E focal persons to improve data collection and collation at community, ward, LGA and State level in order to ensure data correctness and to make sure quality data is reported to national level  In line with NI reporting format for the Implementation and Research Project, compile data and ensure gender disaggregation in all data reported  Support the documentation of lessons learnt and challenges throughout project as a source of learning for NI and the state government  Provide monthly program progress on key program indicators to the NI country office  Work closely with state and select LGA to plan field visits and map out locations to be visited each time in order to ensure good coverage of the select LGAs over the period of the Implementation Research project.
Coordinate M&E activities and provide technical support to field staff to enhance project goals Develop a program database and regularly updated database to track project activities.               •         Relationship Development and management  Support stakeholder liaison, including meetings, visits, responding to requests for information, assisting with advocacy needs in the state in collaboration with the implementing partner  Represent NI in all relevant technical forums in the state;  Engage with partners working in the states and look out for areas of synergy, leverage and possible collaboration    Documentation and communications  Document relevant project success stories and lessons learned for developing series of knowledge products and tools such as technical and policy briefs, publications, and digitized tools which will be disseminated both within Nigeria and elsewhere Compile and update periodically state nutrition landscape information    h) Other functions   Act as repository for relevant data, Government policy guidelines and new research, and share the same across NI Nigeria and implementing partners;  Keeps abreast with latest developments in the field   Summary of Key Deliverables  Mapping and selection of project LGAs- intervention and control locations in state upon resumption in collaboration with the implementing and research partners and state team  Detailed state-level annual workplan developed and submitted to Project and Technical Coordinator  Annual TA plan prepared and submitted to Project and Technical Coordinator Quarterly Field monitoring and supervisory visit plan developed and submitted for approval  Monthly activity workplan developed and submitted for approval of Project and Technical Coordinator by the 28th of each month  Monthly reports which details TA provided to the government focal point (s) and implementing partners in line with the TA plan and provides adequate information on progress with the project implementation in the state, any landscape changes, achievements, challenges and mitigation strategies, lessons and next steps submitted by the 25th of every month  Monthly submission of success stories, pictures e.t.c. in line with NI consent form, story template guide and guidelines for program staff on documentation.  All deliverables should be delivered in soft copies, reviewed and approved by Project and Technical Coordinator.  
5. Supervisory Responsibilities:
        •     This position does not have any supervisory functions
6. Education/Professional Designations/Experience:
Education Msc. in Public Health Nutrition, Human Nutrition, Dietetics or related discipline    Experience At least 2 years’ experience in program implementation within health and development projects, preferably in nutrition interventions Familiarity with Micronutrient programming in Nigeria General understanding of maternal, newborn Health and Nutrition, and Child Health landscape in the Nigeria with at least 2 years field work experience At least 3 years’ experience of data entry and data management Experience with MS Office and data programs/databases is mandatory At least 2 to 3 years’ experience in networking with international partners and country government, desirable. At least 5 years’ experience of working in Nigeria.  Previous experience as a state coordinator or equivalent role in scope and responsibility for an international NGO. Experience of multi-sectoral nutrition programs desirable. Experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis
7. Language Skills
        •     Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in local language and English.
8. Travel Requirements
Based in Bauchi, the position may require travel up to 70% of the time, to the target communities and health facilities within the select LGAs and State
9. Other Specific Skill Requirements:
  Strong research skills  Effective management and leadership skills.  Ability to foster high performing and innovative team environment. Strong communication and interpersonal skills Ability to build positive working relationships with government officials, other multi-lateral bodies and donor representatives. Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Strong consultative and negotiation skills.  Integrity and personal commitment.

NOTE: The consultant is expected to have her/his own personal laptop. 

This job description can and will be amended as required from time to time. NI is a non-smokin

Method of Application:

Applicants are advised to read carefully the guidelines in the TOR and send their CVs and cover letters to only, by 13th September 2023 being the deadline for submission.

Please for any  inquiries applicants can to on or before 11th September 2023.

Please be informed that any breach of the conditions stated in the TOR will lead to disqualification of your Proposal.

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