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Man Who Left High School Over Poverty, Now Makes Over N500k Monthly from His Business

Man Who Left High School Over Poverty, Now Makes Over N500k Monthly from His Business

Emmanuel Amanfo, a 25-year-old graduate of Senior High School (SHS), chose to start his own business, but he quickly ran into difficulties that almost made him give up.

The Ghanaian from Mampongteng described how some of his peers, classmates, and even family members made fun of his decision to pursue an artisanal job after finishing senior high school. (SHS).

Amanfo was a business student at the Mpasatia Senior High Technical School, but he was unable to continue his study after high school due to financial constraints. The young businessman remembered the ridicule he received for choosing to enter a specialized trade.

The unfavorable criticism he endured from doubters eventually made him want to stop working.

“Those I stayed with at Pankrono had finished SHS and were continuing their education. They were wondering why I chose to be an artisan instead of furthering my education.

“I was dependable at work, but because of constant taunting, I stopped attending to the training. Normally, my boss called to find out why I wasn’t arriving, but I lied. I was exhausted,” he said.

Amanfo now earns a decent income from the business after triumphing over the challenges.

“I began with GH¢4,000 cedis and no help from anyone. They eventually buy our products. Poultry farms give us contracts and place huge orders with us. Because of that, my company has expanded and our income has increased,” he said.

He uses materials like recycled zinc to create items like coal pots, troughs for feeding chickens, and trunks.

“We deal with the orders from our customers. We can make GH¢3,000 cedis weekly, and our profit is between GH¢500 cedis and GH¢1,000.”

The young businessman has four apprentices, including one of his senior high school classmates, and three temporary workers. Manfo admits that his work is difficult, but he still outperformed some of his critics.


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