Job Vacancy at Airtel Nigeria

Job Vacancy at Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria (Airtel Networks Limited) is a leading telecommunications services provider in Nigeria headquartered in Lagos, the commercial nerve-center of Nigeria. The telco ranks amongst the top four mobile service providers in terms of subscribers with a customer base of more than 39.8 million.

Job Description:

  • To coordinate, control, manage, support and track day to day network operations in the Region to ensure optimal network availability, coverage, maintaining target network KPI’s to deliver plus one network quality.
  • Providing local network support for both the sales and marketing team in the regions to ensure that network impacting issues are proactively resolved.
  • Responsible for passive & active partner governance, follow up on major escalated failures until resolution, control the implementation of all job orders that take place within the network, generate daily reports of failures exceeding defined KPI, and follow through on all customer complaints.

Key Responsibilities

  • Vendor management (ATC, I.H.S, and other TowerCOs).
  • Support the operational Interface to both internal and external stakeholders especially Airtel owned sites to ensure issues are resolved within acceptable KPIs.
  • Spares management to ensure availability of both critical and non-critical spares in order to sustained network KPIs.
  • Support the operational Interface to both internal and external stakeholders especially Commercial, SCM, Finance and Legal teams.
  • Supervise all special events projects like improvement drives, festival target optimization (Charismas, EID & New Year etc.), bombed/burnt sites restoration.
  • Direct annual operating plan compilation for Airtel Nigeria Networks.
  • Direct achievement of annual operating plan targets and all local and group operating expenditure saving initiatives to ensure optimization of all network investments.
  • Prepare annual operating plan compilation for active requirement for Airtel Nigeria Networks.
  • Central support for regional technical operations.
  • Act as a relationship manager between the regional technical function and the various HQ functional units.
  • Ensure compliance to applicable policies, procedures and monitor availability of all relevant documentation, across relevant touch points to ensure synergy across all SPs services.
  • Institute service level agreement measurement methodology to ensure all SPs are accurately measured, rewarded and penalized accordingly.
  • Ensure that all activities of operations and maintenance in the central and Region adhere to corresponding regulatory requirements in daily operations.
  • Ensure all processes for effective management of Partners.
  • Identify processes that will continually improve efficiency of delivery of key performance indicators.
  • Track SLA with strategic and non-Strategic partners to ensure compliance and impose penalty where applicable.


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