How to Access WAEC Digital Certificate Platform In 2023

How to Access WAEC Digital Certificate Platform In 2023

The WAEC Digital Certificate Platform, a technologically enforced platform that makes it easy and faster to get access to your certificate across your mobile and web devices. You can create your account on two categories:

Certificate Access

With Certificate Access, candidates now have quick and easy access to soft copies of their original WAEC certificates using their mobile and web devices. Creating an account as Certificate Access is suitable for individuals that wants to get access to their WAEC certificate

Certificate Confirmation

Certificate Confirmation account can only be created by institutions and Organizations. This section of the platform is curated for corporate bodies and institutions to confirm WAEC certificates for authenticity and validity.

Create your Account

This is the first step to accessing and confirming candidates’ certificate. Create an account, access your certificate or confirm an existing certificate. To create account, kindly provide the required information to identify and allow you personalize your account.

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