After My NYSC, I Started Selling Fish With N10,000 – HND Graduate

After My NYSC, I Started Selling Fish With N10,000 – HND Graduate

Abdulsherifdeen Olatunde is a 3-year-old graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Offa where he obtained an HND in Office Technology and Management in 2018. He did his NYSC in 2019, serving as a government school teacher at Tegina in Niger State.

After his NYSC, he applied to join the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps but never succeeded.

He retired to Offa, in Kwara State, where he now hawks fish he buys from a cold room. THE WHISTLER caught up with him in Offa and he spoke on how he became a fish seller.


 When And Why Did You Start Selling Fish?

I started selling fish last year because there are no jobs outside and I didn’t want to become a Yahoo Boy(fraudster) so I just decided to hustle, and from the hustling there is an improvement in my life.

This business is something I’ve been interested in since I was in Niger during my service year. But because of the security situation and bandits, my parents called me to come back home after service.

 Since You Came Back Did You Apply For Any Job?

I applied to so many places within and outside Offa, but I haven’t been applying for government jobs. So, because I didn’t want to sit at home, I decided to just pick up this business since I already know a little about it.

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