Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs in 2023 – Apply Online

Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs in 2023 – Apply Online

Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs in 2023 – Apply Online Imagine waking up in Singapore, exploring Bangkok, and savoring the food of Malaysia. This extraordinary experience can become a reality with Emirates. Apply now for Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs in 2023 and work in the air, assisting passengers and providing exceptional service. Emirates airline has announced open days for cabin crew recruitment. For recruitment dates, visit the Emirates website.

Benefits of Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs in 2023

Starting Salary & Flying Pay:

  • Basic salary: AED 4,430 / month
  • Flying Pay: AED 63.75 / hour (based on an average of 80-100 hours/month)
  • Average Total Pay: AED 10,170 / month (~USD 2,770, EUR 2,710, or GBP 2,280)

Layover Expenses:

Emirates provides free meal allowances for night stops. The company also offers hotel accommodation and transport to and from the airport.


Live in Dubai: All Emirates Cabin Crew Staff will live in Dubai, enjoying a tax-free salary. Furnished accommodation with utilities, including water and electricity, is provided free of charge.


The company provides transportation to and from work and training college.

Cabin Crew Uniform:

The company provides the cabin crew uniform free of charge, including dry-cleaning at designated outlets in Dubai.

Cabin Crew Job Duties

The job duties of an Emirates cabin crew member include:

  • Welcome and assist passengers on board
  • Prepare the aircraft for departure
  • Provide customer service
  • Serve meals and beverages
  • Demonstrate safety procedures
  • Maintain order and safety
  • Administer first aid
  • Prepare the aircraft for arrival

Selection Process

After applying online, if you have been selected for an interview, the Emirates team will email you with the interview location, date, and time. Only selected participants will be able to join the Emirates recruitment drive.

How to Apply Online for Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs

To apply online for Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs, visit the Emirates Career website: Read all the information and start looking for positions.

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