Apply For Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark 2023 With Danish Work VISA

Apply For Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark 2023 With Danish Work VISA

Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark 2023 With Danish Work VISA Discover the latest information on Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark in 2023 and the upcoming announcement of new skill shortage jobs on July 1, 2023. This is an excellent opportunity for international job seekers to prepare their documents and apply for jobs and work visas in Denmark next month.

Why Consider Working in Denmark in 2023?

There are compelling reasons why you should consider working in Denmark in 2023. Denmark is ranked 19th on the list of countries with the highest number of millionaires, indicating the wealth and successful business strategies in the country (Ref: Wikipedia – 385,000 Millionaires in Denmark). This suggests ample employment opportunities for job seekers who wish to settle there. Moreover, salaries in Denmark are significantly higher (Ref: Additionally, Denmark offers free healthcare services through its welfare system, funded by taxes paid by Danish citizens (Ref: borger). Education is also free for children up to 16 years old at Danish folkeskole (Ref:

As an international full-time employee in Denmark, you and your family can benefit from these services, along with a competitive salary, allowances, job security, making Denmark an attractive option for job seekers. Therefore, I highly recommend considering job applications in Denmark.

Denmark Skill Shortage Jobs List – Positive List 2023

The “Positive List” refers to the Skill Shortage occupations list in Denmark. If Denmark is unable to find professionals for certain jobs, those occupations are included in the positive list, which serves as a jobs list to recruit skilled workers from abroad. The Danish positive list is updated twice a year, with the next update scheduled for July 2023, featuring fresh job openings (Ref: nyidanmark).

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How to Find and Apply for Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark?

The process of finding and applying for skill shortage jobs in Denmark is straightforward and entirely online. To discover the latest job openings, you need to consult the two skill shortage occupation lists issued by the Danish government for hiring foreigners in 2023:

  • Skill Shortage positive list for international skilled workers
  • Skill shortage positive list for highly qualified foreign job seekers

It’s worth noting that the Danish positive list was last updated with 40 new job openings in January 2023, and the next update, expected in July 2023, will include additional job opportunities. If you meet the qualifications and work experience requirements for any listed jobs on the positive list, you can directly submit an online application, including your resume, cover letter, and academic documents (Ref: Positive List).

By referring to the positive list for Denmark jobs mentioned above, you can explore new job options available in July 2023. If you believe you are eligible based on your qualifications and work experience, you can submit an online application for your desired position.

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