Apply for Chang Gung University Scholarship In Taiwan 2023 (Fully Funded)

Apply for Chang Gung University Scholarship In Taiwan 2023 (Fully Funded)

Application is invited to apply for Chang Gung University Scholarship in Taiwan 2023 for international students. CGU Taiwan scholarship accepts applications for Masters’s and Doctoral Degree Programs in different academic fields and majors.

Chang Gung University is a private university in Guishan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The institution was established as the Chang Gung Medical College in April 1987. Engineering and management students have been accepted since 1993 when the name was changed to Chang Gung College of Medicine and Technology. In July 1997, the name was changed again to Chang Gung University.

Chang Gung University Scholarship

  • University: Chang Gung University
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Study Level: MS & Ph.D
  • Deadline: June 25, 2023

Available Fields And Majors Offered At CGU Taiwan

College Of Management

◆ Department of Industrial and Business Management

◆ Department of Industrial Design

◆ Department of Information Management

◆ Department of Health Care Management

◆ School of Business

◆ Graduate Institute of Business and Management

◆ Program of CGU Information Security with Medical Applications

◆ Program of Internet of Things(IoT) with Industrial Creative Applications

◆ Master of Science Degree Program in Innovation for Smart Medicine

◆ International Program of Health Informatics and Management


College Of Engineering

◆ Department of Electrical Engineering

◆ Department of Electronic Engineering

◆ Department of Mechanical Engineering

◆ Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

◆ Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

◆ Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering

◆ Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering

◆ CGU-SUTD Dual Master Program in Nano-Electronic Engineering and Design(NEED)

◆ Bachelor’s Program in Artificial Intelligence

College Of Medicine

◆ School of Medicine

◆ School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

◆ School of Nursing

◆ Department of Biomedical Sciences & Master Degree in Clinical Trials and Assessment

◆ Department of Respiratory Therapy

◆ Department of Physical Therapy

◆ Department of Occupational Therapy

◆ Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences

◆ Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science

◆ Department of Anatomy

◆ Department of Pathology

◆ Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

◆ Department of Microbiology & Immunology

◆ Department of Public Health and Parasitology

◆ Department of Medical Humanities and Social Science

◆ Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

◆ Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences

◆ Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine Sciences

◆ Graduate Institute of Early Intervention

◆ Graduate Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Science

◆ Graduate Institute of Natural Product

◆ Graduate Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

◆ Master’s Degree Program in Molecular Medicine

◆ Master & Ph.D. Program in Biotechnology Industry

◆ Master’s Degree Program in Healthcare Industry

◆ International Master Science Program in Reconstructive Microsurgery

For more details about the Course ( Click here)

CGU Tawain Scholarship Benefits

For Master Student:

  • University Tuition fees Waivers
  • Living expenses  TWD$ 8,000 per month
  • Assistantship Will also Offers to Master Students By Advisor For Research Work.

For Ph.D. Students:

  • Waivers of tuition fees
  • Living expenses  TWD$ 12,000 per month
  • Monthly stipend NT$29,000 (US$966) per month
  • Ph.D. Students will also get Assistantship By Advisor for Research Work.

UGC Taiwan Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be international students from any country other than Taiwan. Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy. Applicants cannot be recipients of any other scholarship at the same time.
Applicants must fill out the application form correctly, and honestly, and complete and submit the application materials as required by the university. Applicants with a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for master’s programs.

Applicants with a master’s degree are eligible to apply for Ph.D. programs.

How To Apply

Please apply online via the application website

Set up an account and upload the required documents to the online application. (Applicants may “save” & revise the application multiple times before the application is submitted.)

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