Apply; How to get 100% Study Grants Global Scholarships in Canada

Apply; How to get 100% Study Grants Global Scholarships in Canada

Canada is serious about education; its universities demonstrate that commitment with beautiful ultra-modern campuses. A world-class university system, high living standards, a strong job market, and a friendly society make Canada a popular study-abroad destination.

Home to 388,782 international students, Canada is always a promising prospect for education. Several degree programs are available in Canada, ranging from humanities to technology and health, as well as some specialized environmental programs that are only available here.

There are also many English and French language schools that offer a variety of extracurricular activities, such as skiing and camping. Education quality rivals that of the United States and the United Kingdom, but tuition costs and living expenses are considerably lower.

Canada is the top most welcoming countries for Students from around the world. Living, working and studying in Canada is a dream for many people. However, you have already been able to make it happen and […]

  1. List of Top 7 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada. UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Programme. University of Waterloo Scholarship.
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  3. Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. International Scholarships

    Are you an international student looking for scholarships to study in Canada, or a Canadian scholar looking to fund your studies or research abroad? Look no further!

    Global Affairs Canada is responsible for the Government of Canada’s participation in major international scholarship programs. We feature international scholarships offered by Canadian governments, foreign governments, non-governmental organizations and international organizations. Start your search!

  5. Apply for Scholarships

    Submit a scholarship application online for Global Affairs Canada funded scholarships available to Canadian and international students, researchers and faculty.

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    What does it cover?

    The scholarship funds the entire tuition fee and living expenses for all four years of your undergraduate study after subtracting the financial contribution made by the applicant’s family.

    Maximum Value

    The scholarship can fund up to a maximum of 25,000 CAD

    University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

    The University of Manitoba has been offering scholarships to undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral students every year. It offers two kinds of scholarships for undergraduate students — an entrance scholarship and a scholarship for academic excellence. Apart from these, the university is spending nearly $2 million on postgraduate fellowships for Masters and PhD students.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or equivalent can apply for the scholarship. The only other condition is – the applicant should have enrolled as a full-time student.

    Who is this scholarship for?

    This scholarship is for students pursuing medical and MBA studies at the University of Manitoba.

    What does it cover?

    The scholarship covers the tuition fee funding for five years. It includes both masters and doctoral programs.

    Maximum Value

    Students who are pursuing a Master’s degree can get a scholarship up to 28,000 CAD for a duration of two years, while doctoral students can get up to 72,000 CAD.

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

    The next on the list is the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship. It is a non-partisan charity that has been active in supporting students through numerous scholarships, fellowships, and mentorships. This foundation offers scholarships at various Canadian universities, including the famous McGill University, University of Waterloo, and Ryerson University, to name a few. International doctorate students have greatly benefitted from this scholarship programme.


    • You must be admitted to any university for full-time doctoral studies.
    • The doctoral research should cover any topic under humanities and human sciences.
    • You should be an international student with a Canadian PR.

    Who is this scholarship for?

    International students with the aim of pursuing a PhD in Canada.

    A student will be entitled to a scholarship amount of up to 9,000 CAD every year.

    Canada Government Scholarships

    Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master’s)

    Scholarships for high-calibre students engaged in master’s or doctoral programs in Canada.

    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

    Scholarships for doctoral studies in health, sciences, engineering or humanities.

    Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Fellowships for postdoctoral studies in health, sciences, engineering or humanities.

    Natural sciences and engineering undergraduate awards

    Awards available to undergraduate students in natural sciences and engineering.

    Natural sciences and engineering postgraduate awards

    Awards available to master’s and doctoral students in natural sciences and engineering.

    Natural sciences and engineering postdoctoral awards

    Awards for postdoctoral fellowships in natural sciences and engineering.

    Social sciences and humanities scholarships and fellowships

    Funding programs for students and postdoctoral researchers in the social sciences and humanities.

    International scholarships for Canadians

    Scholarships for Canadians who want to study or conduct research abroad.

    International scholarships for non-Canadians

    Scholarships for international students who want to study in Canada.

    Aboriginal bursaries and scholarships search tool

    More than 750 bursaries, scholarships and incentives for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

    International business scholarships

    Scholarships for undergraduate studies in international business or business and environment/sustainability.

    International development graduate student awards

    Funding awards for master’s, PhD and post-doctoral work on international development challenges.

    H.L. Holmes Award for Post-Doctoral Studies

    Advanced analytics, computer vision, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies.

    Dick Martin Scholarship Award

    Scholarship for students in occupational health and safety studies.

    Royal Military College scholarships and awards

    Scholarships, awards and prizes available to students at the Royal Military College of Canada.


    Canadian universities are quite generous when it comes to granting scholarships to international students. Students who satisfy the eligibility criteria can get fully-funded scholarships to take care of their tuition fees and expenses. The list of scholarships does not end here, and there are many other universities offering scholarships to international students.

    But to get admitted to a college with a scholarship takes time and effort. This is where a platform like Global Scholarship can help. We have dedicated experts helping thousands of students get admission to colleges in countries like Canada with scholarships. We also offer guidance on scholarships in countries like the US or the UK. Sign up to kickstart your dream to study abroad now.

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