PHOTOS: How Kano Born Faisal’s Innovation Locally Produced Tricycle

Faisal Sanusi, 27 years old , popularly known as Faisal-Art was born in Koki quarters, Dala Local Government Area, Kano state.

He is an inventor of so many devices, machines, equipment and the most recent of them is the ‘Keke Napep’ tricycle.

In this interview Faisal told SOLACEBASEhow he produced a ‘Keke Napep’ tricycle in less than a year singlehandedly and named it ‘Faisal-Art’.
Can you tell us your full name and educational background.

My name is Faisal Sanusi. I was born in 1995 in Koki quarters, Dala Local government Area, Kano. I am 27 years old.

I attended Dantata Memorial Day primary school. Having completed the primary school I went ahead to attend Government Secondary School, GSS Gwammaja then I transferred to Government Secondary School, GSS, Gwale.

That was where I completed my secondary school and from there I have not attempted to secure admission into any tertiary institution up till this moment. I only conducted researches at home. I mean, kind of self-teaching because of the vast knowledge available with ease of accessibility around the world now.

When do you intend to further your education in order to acquire more knowledge and skill?

Honestly, I do not see myself going to any tertiary institution now. Because everything I want I can access it from the comfort of my room. I conduct research to acquire knowledge and more skills and I understand it on my own. Although I can not rule that out maybe in the future if I am less engaged I will think of that.

What would you tell SOLACEBASE concerning the invention of the ‘Keke Napep’ tricycle, I mean how did you started from the scratch?

Well, before the invention of this ‘Keke Napep’, well known in Kano as ‘’adida ta sahu’’ I had invented so many machines, equipment and some other smaller devices at home. It is only this that is bigger that is why the attention of people is attracted.

Initially, I wanted to create a car but due to lack of some equipment then I decided to start with the smaller one, the ‘Keke Napep’ tricycle but I will still create my own car, In Sha Allah.

Nobody taught me all this. From the beginning, I started by designing it on a paper, then I digitalized the design using a computer.

After I got all that I needed figured out, I started the work. Mostly the equipment I used were my creation also. In terms of welding, I bought a welding machine and I taught myself how to handle them. I didn’t go to anyone to acquire the knowledge. All that you can see from this tricycle I joined them singlehandedly without going to anyone to pay for the services. This is how it comes to being. I thank Allah for the gift instinct in me.

I started the work last year. Though I did not dedicate my full time to it. In all, I completed it in less than a year. If you put the whole working hours and days together it will not make half of a calendar year.

How did you source the raw materials and other things while inventing the tricycle. Did you get any financial support to produce it?

Honestly, nobody. I used the little amount I earned from my business to buy the raw materials. At any stage if I needed to buy any materials I will go and work so that I can earn the money to go and buy in order to proceed. That was how I made it happened.

What inspired you to innovate on this ‘Keke Napep’ tricycle?

The inspiration is already there. Since when I was very young, I am inspired to design and create innovation. So as I am growing up, I kept doing that. I was not inspired by anyone. I already have the passion in innovation to see that I create something. It is almighty Allah that always shows me the way I do not know what he plans for me in the future. In creating this ‘Keke Napep’ tricycle the inspiration is to leave impact in the society and to ease people’s social challenges of transportation.

How much does it cost you to produce this tricycle?

Like I told you, it was not produced at once. I did that over a period of time, so I can say relatively it cost me about N600, 000 for this innovation. Also, the tricycle takes four liters of fuel and has the same capacity just like the imported ones.

How do you see yourself in the future?

My biggest dream is to establish a manufacturing company someday. Creating this tricycle is just the beginning. Though I did not produced this one for commercial purpose but I have a dream that someday I will establish a manufacturing company of not only motorcycles but one that incorporates many innovation like cars, motorcycles and the likes and even aeroplanes because I have the talent to create things that I want. So If I can have the sophisticated equipment and raw materials at my disposal I can do things. All I am is to get the supports needed.

What message do you have for our youths?

Well, my call to the youth is that they should not always wait for support from someone in order to start doing something. They need to use what they have to get what they want, no matter how little. There are many young people who are creative but they have not tested their creativity. They need to use the talent they are blessed with because that is the only way they can get going and remain self-reliant. They should not wait for anybody.

Assuming, the federal or state government or any other organisation wants to support your initiative would you welcome that intervention?

Yes, I would like that if I can receive support from anyone, be it government or Non-Governmental Organizations, (NGOS), though I will not relent and be waiting for that. I will keep on using the little I have since Allah is there for me certainly I will reach a greater heights.

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