“It Is Very Profitable,” Says Top Varsity Graduate Who Went Into Pepper Farming, Advises Youths To Join.

A young Ghanaian man has inspired many people with his story of how he ventured into pepper farming right after completing the university.

Speaking in an interview with Charles Antwi on YouTube, Michael Donkor, a University of Ghana graduate who read Political Science and Philosophy, said he developed an interest for farming at a young age when how he used to frequent his mother’s rice farm.

He said he decided to go into farming in 2017, right after university, and hasn’t looked back since.

“After school I started to grow gingers, until one day, I heard Alex was sharing pepper seeds, so I went for them and I decided to buy another pack and that is how everything started.

When asked if habanero farming is profitable, Michael said yes, he even went ahead cite an example where he said he could make up to 30,000 cedis from the farm weekly.

“When the prices stand at 30 cedi a kilo, on an acre you should get like 10 tons a week “If you get a ton on an acre a week, which is 30 cedi a kilo that is 30k a week and it can span you 10 to 12 week at peak.

He advised people who are willing to invest into habanero farming to do so and also urged the government to make agriculture a core part of national service so that the youth will be attracted to it. “If you 50,000 cedis you can have an acre of farm with, I would also want to the government to add agriculture into national service”, he said.


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