Npower Begins First Stipends Payment For Batch C2

Npower Begins First Stipends Payment For Batch C2 In today’s latest Npower news, the payment of Npower scholarships for October, November and December 2022 has started. News of the payment is gaining traction on all social media discussion platforms for Npower beneficiaries right now.

Some of the beneficiaries claimed to have received their first payment of allowances this morning on February 22, 2023, although the salary tab on Nasim’s portal for some beneficiaries has not been activated. The Npower October announcement is making waves everywhere as recipients are sharing their excitement on some of their discussion platforms.

However, the Nasims said they appreciate your patience thus far at this point of delay. Nasims is working to see that all payment issues are resolved, please be patient and wait for your payments.

This shows that Npower management is working hard to ensure that all outstanding payments are settled accordingly before the election.

As it is now, the 3 months’ payment due to beneficiaries is not paid in one lump sum. are paid one after another according to the month of maturity.

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