Vacancy announcement for the post of the Vice Chancellor of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina

the Governing Council of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, has declared that the Office of the Vice Chancellor of the University is vacant. In accordance with Section 5 of the First Schedule of the University Law, the Council has directed that applications be invited from suitably qualified distinguished academics with cognate experience in University teaching and administration of not less than fifteen (15) years.

The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive and Academic Officer of the University, ex-officio
Chairman of the Senate and Member of the Governing Council of the University. Among other

Functions, the Vice Chancellor shall:

I. be competent at all times to advise the Council on any matter affecting the policy, finance
and administration of the University;
ii. be generally responsible to the Council for maintaining efficiency and order in the
University and for ensuring the proper enforcement of Statutes and Regulations;
iii. be responsible for discipline in the University and advancing learning, knowledge and
iv. regulate the admission of students in accordance with the guidelines and procedures
approved by the Senate.

Interested candidates for the position of Vice Chancellor, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina are expected to be:

i. Distinguished scholars who are Professors with a minimum of five (5) years after
becoming a Professor as at the date of the advertisement and who demonstrated ability
to provide exemplary academic leadership and proven management capacity;
ii. Candidate should not be more than sixty-five years on the date of appointment;
iii. Scholars of the highest moral standards, unassailable character, proven integrity with
irrevocable commitment to best practices in corporate governance, with particular
emphasis on accountability, transparency and probity, and such scholars who can ensure
optimum utilization of scarce resources for maximum public good;
iv. Scholars who are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) proficient and
committed to the mainstreaming of ICT into University-wide programmes and activities;
v. Scholars who can significantly raise the internal revenue base of the University for
physical and academic development;
vi. Scholars who will be able to attract research grants and complementary funds from local
and international agencies, and further uplift the academic standard of the University;
vii. Scholars who will be able to relate effectively with government, non-governmental
agencies, alumni and other national and international agencies;
viii. To be person with the ability to develop linkages outside the University to meet the
emerging needs of the institution;
ix. Persons who are not likely to foster personal, racial, ethnic, political, religious or other
sectional interests and who are also capable of inspiring members of University
Community towards attainment of the institution’s goals;
x. Scholars with good understanding of the Vision and Mission of the University;
xi. A person who, judging from his/her track records, commands respect both nationally and
internationally in the academic world;
xii. Individuals who, judging from their tract records, are likely to command the respect as
well as loyalty of members of staff, students, University community and the general
xiii. Persons who enjoy good physical and mental health.

The salaries and conditions of service are as applicable to the post of Vice Chancellor in Nigerian Federal Universities and as determined by Government and the Governing Council of the University from time to time.

The Vice Chancellor shall hold office for a one-term of five (5) years.


Interested applicants are invited to note and comply with the following conditions:

a) Submit twenty five (25) copies of applications to be accompanied with twenty (25) copies
of the candidate’s detailed “Curriculum Vitae” (CV), signed and dated by the candidate.
The CV must contain, among others, the candidate’s name in full, age, marital status,
nationality, educational attainments with dates, number of PhD candidates supervised
and graduated, research output, academic and non-academic recognition, professional
achievements, scholarly publications with dates.

b) Each application should be accompanied with a certificate of birth, or statutory
declaration of age, and a certificate of medical fitness from a recognized Government

c) A statement of the applicant’s vision for Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina in the
st 21 Century of not more than 1500 words (25 copies)

d) In the case of a nominated or “searched candidates”, the CV must be accompanied by a
letter of consent duly signed and dated by the candidate.

e) Each candidate must have three (3) referees who should be requested by the candidate
to forward their referee’s reports directly to the REGISTRAR under confidential cover.
Such referees should be in a position to attest to the candidate’s claim to high academic
standard, managerial capacity and moral uprightness.

f) All shortlisted candidates will be required to make themselves available for interview.
All applications are to be forwarded under confidential cover in an envelope marked at the upper left hand corner “Vice Chancellor” Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina which should reach the Registrar and Secretary to Council NOT later than two weeks from the date of this publication.

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