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Yesterday, Sterling Bank Plc stated that it is offering free transfers for consumers for transfers made through their accounts.

Abubakar Suleiman, the bank’s chief executive officer, acknowledged the challenging conditions that many of its customers were going through in an email to consumers.

In a show of support for the clients, he declared that from February 6 to February 18, 2023, fund transfer services will be free for account holders.

He continued by saying that users will also receive free debit cards from the bank.

He said that the actions were a part of the bank’s attempts to assist its clients and the general populace as Nigeria adjusts to the widespread use of the new naira notes.

Chief Marketing Officer, Sterling Bank Plc, Dante Martins, who addressed reporters on the move, described it as the first initiative by any commercial bank in Nigeria.

“We believe that by eliminating transaction costs for this period, we can assist our customers make their banking experience more easy by making the most of our powerful digital solutions.

“We understand that our consumers need choices when it comes to their everyday requirements, and we want to make sure that we can serve them as best as we can during this time.”

“We believe that removing transaction fees would allow our customers more time to focus on what’s truly important to them, while still giving them access to the same high-quality, convenient services they’ve come to expect from Sterling,” Martins said.

He noted that the bank has received mostly positive comments on social media from message recipients, an upbeat response coming after the enthusiastic reaction to a viral video showing bank employees in many branches passing out bottles of water to customers waiting in line at ATMs and banking halls.