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Benjamin Parry, a Ghanaian millionaire businessman shared in an interview with SVTV Africa on YouTube the reason why he decided to leave America to build a school for kids in Ghana. Mr. Parry also stated that he has several businesses in the transportation, health and rental sectors in the country.

The generous CEO revealed that not only does he get depressed anytime he had to return to America after visiting Ghana, he feels that Ghana brings out the best in him so he decided to set up his businesses in the country. He told his interview host that the school, called Parry International School in Amasaman, has been open for just a week but there were over 150 kids in attendance. Thus, he confirmed that all his businesses in Ghana were doing very well. Several netizens were impressed with what the Ghanaian millionaire had accomplished and took to the comments to share their thoughts while some were a bit cynical.

See comments:

@keteninnsroja5753 said: Hope the managers will not steal his money and collapse his business.

@nanaama7695 prayed: Woooow may God bless ur business ✨

@explore5130 remarked: He meant to say it is easier to make it in Ghana with little capital. @Mr101065 opined: Ghana will eventually turn into a capitalist country. People are doing business by building schools but advertise themselves as doing their community a favour. That’s the problem that is brewing today.