Apply for Orange Corners Incubation Program 2022 for Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs (Win Up To 40,000 Euros in Seed Funding Support)

Our ambition is to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nigeria. This ecosystem should enable youth to develop their business concept and become successful entrepreneurs, by providing them with the necessary opportunities, skills and access to markets.

Through Orange Corners, we provide young entrepreneurs with a 6-month incubation program. At the same time, Orange Corners serves as a bridge between these innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector. This offers a great benefit to all parties involved. Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with a local service provider.

Application process

  1. Online applications: application form becomes available on our website prior to the beginning of each six-month cycle. Fill in all required fields and submit via the online application form submit button. Please make sure to check your inbox regularly to see if you are one of the 50 selected semi-finalists.
  2. Bootcamp: 50 semi-finalists will be invited to participate in a compulsory two-day-long boot camp in which a jury decides who is best placed to join the incubation programme.
  3. Selection: Selection will be conducted according to the performance during the Bootcamp. At the end of the Bootcamp, 20 young entrepreneurs will be selected to participate for six months.


  • What are the selection criteria? In order to meet the selection criteria you must be:
    • Be an aspiring entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria
    • Be between 18-35 years old
    • Have a validated innovative business concept, not more than <2 years old
    • The product or service responds to a local challenge in Nigeria
    • The product or service relates to the Sustainable Development GoalsBudding entrepreneurs will be selected based on the:
    • Innovativeness
    • Feasibility
    • Social Impact
    • Clarity of Market
    • Sustainability & Scalability of the business idea
    •Competence of the entrepreneur/team
  • How can I apply? The application dates are from September 9 2022 to October 10, 2022.
  • What are the benefits of this programme for me? The programme will be delivered in person and virtually due to the development of the pandemic.
    This program will not only provide the foundational entrepreneurial knowledge, tools and resources needed to transform an idea into a business but will also make available the networks and support needed for the sustainable growth of the business. There is a variety of benefits the program will offer you of which the most important ones are:
    •Enterprise Management Training
    •Business Incubation & Advisory Services
    •Funding for prototype development & testing
  • When will I know if I’m selected? After the review process which will require interviews, successful applicants will be contacted via email.
  • When does the programme start? November, 2022
  • What are the costs of participation? There are no participation fees for the programme. The programme is funded by scholarships by the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and our private partners.


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