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This is to inform all students that registration for the 2nd semester 2021/2022 OYSCATECH academic session commences on Monday, 14th November, 2022. For a student to qualify for registration for the 2nd semester 2021/2022 academic session, he/she must have paid the entire prescribed fee and registered for the 1st semester as appropriate.

All students are to note that without paying the entire prescribed fee in the 1st semester, as contained in the payment structure, the concerned students would have the challenges in generating their course registration forms for the 2nd semester.

The charges meant for the 1st semester include, the Faculty fee. Departmental fee, GNS fee Practical fee and Matriculation Gown fee etc.

In registering for the 2nd semester 2021/2022 academic session, students are to pay for the EED and SIWES levies as contained in the underlisted school fee payment structure in addition to the tuition fee.

For the avoidance of doubts, students are to take note of the school fee payment structure as applicable to 1st and 2nd semesters respectively.



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