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In today’s latest Npower news, we will be showing you the Names Of 36 States’ Npower/NSIP Focal Persons And Their Contact Numbers. So read on!

Recall that a few months ago, we shared an update stating reasons why should be familiar with your Npower state Focal Person. If you missed the update, read it here Why You Should Know Your State Focal Person As A Npower Beneficiary

Who are Npower Focal Persons: Npower focal persons are representatives of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs, disaster management, and social development. They are NSIP Focal persons appointed by the State Governors to oversee the Social Investment Programmes of the Federal Government namely: N-power, GEEP, MarketMoni, Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT), and the NHGSFP.

They are responsible for the manual deployment of the Npower beneficiaries and also attend to and solve issues that the Npower beneficiaries may face.

Names Of 36 States Npower/NSIP Focal Persons And Their Contact Numbers

The names of the Npower state Focal Persons, phone numbers, and emails are listed in the image below. Tap the image to download or zoom in to see the names boldly.