Sokoto state government to Enrol 55 Ukraine-Returned Students In Baze University

The 55 Sokoto State students that returned from Ukraine will continue their education at Baze University, Abuja.

The students were studying medicines and other science-related courses before the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The students wrote assessment examinations at the library complex of Sokoto State University on Wednesday as part of the requirements for their admission into the college.

 The Permanent Secretary at the Sokoto State Scholarship Board, Bello Isa told journalists that the state would save over N500 million with their enrolment.

The state will now be spending N500 million annually on their education, which is 50% of what we had been spending on them when they were in Ukraine.

“When they were in Ukraine, we were spending over one billion Naira (N1 billion) on their tuitions and upkeep allowances.

“And you know things are no longer the same. Many states in the country are struggling to pay the salaries of their staff.

“That is why during our meeting with the parents and leaders of the students, we told ourselves the bitter truth.

 “And we all agreed that the students should be taken to Baze University where we can get the best facilities and even their teaching hospital is one of the best in the country,” he said.

Bello expressed confidence that the students would pass the assessment exams and get admitted into the university.

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