EFCC HELP DESK: Urgently Forward This Message To Protect Your Friends And Family from Hackers and Fraudsters

This is urgent and please passes this message to your family and friends NOW. People have been receiving calls from

  •        Tel: +375602605281
  •        Tel: +37127913091
  •        Tel: +37178565072
  •        Tel: +56322553736
  •        Tel: +37052529259
  •        Tel: +255901130460

or any number starting from +371 +375 +381

These guys only ring once and hang up.

If you call back, they can copy your contact list in 3sec and if you have a bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…

  •    +375 code is for Belarus.
  •    +371 codes are for Lativa.
  •    +381 Serbia.
  •    +563 Valparaiso.
  •    +370 Vilnius.
  •    +255 Tanzania.
  •    +385 97 797 3955 Croatia

Don’t answer or call back.

Also, don’t Press

#90  or  #09

On your Mobile when asked by any caller to do so.

It’s a new trick which is used to access your SIM card, make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal.

URGENTLY FORWARD this message to as many friends as you can to stop any intrusion!!!

Note that these numbers are owned by fraudsters == 07043434863 and 08104591930 and 08069096422.


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