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Nun Street Maitama Abuja

We Are Available 24/ 7. Call Now.

This is urgent and please passes this message to your family and friends NOW. People have been receiving calls from

  •        Tel: +375602605281
  •        Tel: +37127913091
  •        Tel: +37178565072
  •        Tel: +56322553736
  •        Tel: +37052529259
  •        Tel: +255901130460

or any number starting from +371 +375 +381

These guys only ring once and hang up.

If you call back, they can copy your contact list in 3sec and if you have a bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…

  •    +375 code is for Belarus.
  •    +371 codes are for Lativa.
  •    +381 Serbia.
  •    +563 Valparaiso.
  •    +370 Vilnius.
  •    +255 Tanzania.
  •    +385 97 797 3955 Croatia

Don’t answer or call back.

Also, don’t Press

#90  or  #09

On your Mobile when asked by any caller to do so.

It’s a new trick which is used to access your SIM card, make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal.

URGENTLY FORWARD this message to as many friends as you can to stop any intrusion!!!

Note that these numbers are owned by fraudsters == 07043434863 and 08104591930 and 08069096422.




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