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In today’s latest Npower news, we will be talking about the Reasons Why Npower Batch C2 Posting Letter Download Link Is Blank at the moment. So keep reading!

It is no longer news that the management of Npower has begun updating the posting record of the batch C stream 2 beneficiaries on the Nasims deployment page, the deployment details are been updated slowly as such some beneficiaries posting records will appear on the dashboard before others.

In view of the above, beneficiaries whose posting record is yet to be updated should not panic. All qualified beneficiaries will be posted accordingly.

The reason why the deployment letter turns blank when you try to download the letter at the moment is probably that the management has not uploaded the letter yet but the link to the letter is accessible. So be patient:

The Npower management Nasims will release an official statement when the posting letter is ready for download. The letter will probably be ready in a few days from now because beneficiaries need the letter to be accepted at their places of primary assignment and also be re-uploaded back to the Nasims portal.

All this and more will be communicated to the beneficiaries at the appropriate time hopefully this month of October 2022.

Recalled that the Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries resumed duty at their various PPA last year October 2022. And their first stipend payment was also paid in September 2021. So Npower batch C stream 2 should get ready!

For further information, you can login to the Nasims self-service portal to stay updated.