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While many young people are tempted to join the Pi (π) business, where they think it is a case of getting a lot of wealth easily through their phones without doing any hard work or going to any other place. Hausa managed to negotiate with the leader of Pi of Wadan Hill in Zaria named Abubakar Aminu Maude, who told us from monkey to tail about the movement.

First, he started revealing his name and how he found himself in this case of raising money from the ground up. He said that he has been hearing about Pi for a long time, but he did not take it seriously, and now that he has researched and found more information about the business, he believes that it is true.

According to him, it is now one year since he started the business and he has collected more than one thousand five hundred Pi who he hopes will soon receive their favor. Abubakar said that with his cell phone he got the software which without having to pay anything he started to accumulate worldly wealth.

Through him, there are many people with whom you started, and now they themselves have started to see how much wealth you have accumulated in the business. When the representative of Hausa News asked him if there are any countries where he started using Pi, he nodded and said:

“Yes, of course, there are countries where you can start using Pi to buy many things. Like China and Indonesia, they all started the movement. Now it is expected that soon everyone will accept Pi, and it will be accepted around the world.”

After asking him the value of one Pi in Nigerian currency, he stated that:

“Yes, right now there is no place to set his value. But not Naira or dollars, Pi is more valuable than them. For the current estimate, each Pi is equivalent to $314,159, which is equivalent to N180,000,000 and a few heads.”

And according to him, he now has more than one hundred and five hundred Pi, which Hausa News has estimated, if he changes his Pi to Nigerian currency, it will increase by about N270,000,000,000.

Source: Jaridar labarunhausa