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The PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT FUND is pleased to announce the release of the list of successful awardees for the 2022/2023 United Kingdom and Germany, France, China and Malaysia (GFCM) Strategic Partnership Scholarships (MSc/PhD).

The recipients of the award are those candidates who have presented the Fund with the highest academic qualifications, displayed exceptional potential and aptitude, and have been able to present the most convincing case for the relevance and application of their proposed study to the Nigerian Oil and gas industry.

The Induction programme will hold on Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 9am virtually on Microsoft Teams. Awardees are required to register for the event using the link sent with the notification email. 2020/2023 OSS Successful Awardees


List of MSc Awardees

List of PhD Awardees



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