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The Nirsal Microfinance Bank informs the general public that there is phony link message which is not from Nirsal Microfinance that reads

“kindly disregards any text message and phony link like the one below. It is designated to scam unsuspecting customers:

“Dear Applicant, TCFN9077861.

Your FGN Nirsal TCF loan has been approved.

Update your details for disbursement.

Click here to approve.

The Nirsal Bank has called the attention of general public that “whenever you are in doubt call our contact lines immediately: 09010026900, 09010026905, 09010026907, 07041800003, 094621730.


However, Management of Arewa Talent calls upon and notifies the general public that whenever you receive exactly the above message” and once click the link will automatically take you to the following FAKE Google page as shown below:

This page is fake not belong to goggle. It belongs to hackers! You can see small logo of Nirsal Microfinance at the top. Do not put your Username and password in the provided space.

Accidently you put your details; the hackers will get access of your email logging ID and then they will hack your account. If that happened, all you can do is to quickly change your password in order to stop them getting access to your email.



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