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No fewer than 600,000 Oyo residents would benefit from Mevron Nigeria’s job opportunity through its ride-hailing in Ibadan and environs.

Speaking with journalists in Ibadan at the launching of the programme, Mevron Assistant Product Operation Manager, Imo Silas said ten percent out of over six million population of Ibadan would benefit from it, adding that 1,000 people in Ilorin have benefited in less than one-year operation of the company.

“We are providing a platform for people to make and earn money, that is why we create the platform and put it in the hands of users.

“Drivers and riders need to have at least five years driving experience, you need to have good communication skills to relate with our customers because we are a service base company, we have clean vehicles and our inspection platform is until date,” he stressed.

Mr. Haji Rehani Omary, the Business Development Head, Motor Business Service of Nigeria (MBSN), said: “The launch of MBSN and our sub-Saharan Africa wide partnership with Mevron will empower Mevron bikers and trikers across the continent by providing them with a clear and affordable path to high-quality vehicle ownership”.

Regarding continuous support for Mevron and all other customers, Omary revealed that MBSN provides
a range of after-sales and support services, including easy access to genuine spare parts, vehicle coupling training/service, and Biker safety training.

Other benefits could include basic vehicle maintenance training, advanced technical workforce development/ skill enhancement, and basic transport business management training, depending on customer requirements.

Founder and CEO of Mevron, Mr. Olawale Lasisi, said the partnership reaffirms Mevron’s commitment to Africa by providing enhanced earning potential and better mobility for all. Our mission has always been to “build an Africa-owned mobility service we can all be proud of”.

“In a bid to improve vehicle standards and safety across Africa, several safety enhancements have been made to all MBSN vehicles, including improved geofencing and tracking and mandatory routine servicing and inspections at the MBSN and Mevron Repair service centers.”

Omotola Solomon, the Regional Manager for Mevron, said the current product, MevronBike and MevronTrike, are an extension of the firm’s service to provide mobility solutions through trusted motorcycles and tricycles in the city with safety, reliability, and convenience just a tap away.

The business head of Simba, Mr Mahendra Pratap said Mevron are in partnership with Simba TVS to address transportation needs of Nigeria’s with the introduction of TVS motorcycles and tricycles into its fleet to ease local passenger commute and improve the lives of the people.